1.16.6 Lab Band Policies

All Lab Bands rehearse daily (Monday through Thursday) for fifty minutes. Substitutes may be sent a maximum of six times during a semester (three times for students who play only twice a week) according to the following guidelines:
1. The substitute is qualified (currently enrolled at North Texas, preferably playing in an adjacent band (one higher or lower).
2. Twenty-four hours advance notice must be given, except in the case of a verifiable illness or emergency.
3. The music folder must be at the rehearsal.
4. All other absences will lower the student's semester grade.
In addition, there are on- and off-campus performances scheduled for the Lab Bands throughout each semester. Attendance for these performances and related dress rehearsals is mandatory.

Be on time for all rehearsals and performances. This means set up, warmed up, seated and ready to play. Tardiness will lower your grade.

Preparation and Equipment:
1. For rehearsals:
Trumpets - Flugelhorn double, cup, harmon and plunger mutes
Trombones - Cup and plunger mutes
Saxophones - Soprano saxophone, flute and clarinet doubles
Lead Alto must bring piccolo when needed.
Baritone Sax should have access to bass clarinet, bringing it when needed.
Guitar/Bass - All necessary patch cords and effects.
Drums - cymbals, bass drum pedal, sticks, brushes and mallets.
2. For performances: Appropriate dress, as determined before each performance.
3. For sectionals: All section leaders should hold frequent sectional rehearsals.
4. Music Folders: Charts and folders are the responsibility of each student. Music must be properly cared for and brought to all rehearsals and performances. A fee of $1.00 per double page will be charged for the replacement of all lost parts. A fee of $50.00 for any lab band folder that is lost.

Syndicate performances
Students who are performing with Jazz Studies ensembles at the Syndicate in the University Union who are of legal drinking age may only have an alcoholic beverage after their ensemble has finished performing. No alcoholic beverages are to be taken onto the bandstand.