Scholarships & Assistantships

This page describes Jazz Studies scholarships and assistantships.

For information about general College of Music scholarships, see this page.

Competitive Jazz Scholarships are available by audition. All applicants to the College of Music receive consideration for a scholarship; there isn't a separate scholarship application. These awards also reduce the out-of-state tuition to in-state rates. Applications with references must be sent in and an audition must be performed in one of three ways:
1. An audition may be performed in person on one of the College of Music audition dates.
2. By appointment, an audition may be performed during a visit to campus at a time other then the published audition dates.
3. If it is not possible to visit the campus, an audition recording may be submitted by including a link to a video in your online College of Music application. Please note that jazz bass requires both a video and an audition.

In the area of jazz arranging/composition, submit scores (transposed) and live recordings of at least two recent jazz compositions or arrangements for large and small ensemble. All materials must be submitted electronically; contact Prof. Richard DeRosa for further information (

There are teaching assistantships and fellowships for graduate students. To see a list of teaching assignments, see the faculty page. Graduate teaching assistants and teaching fellows are listed after the faculty.

Some of these positions depend on the applicant's having passed certain courses, some of which have prerequisites. Therefore they may not be available to entering students in the first year.

Named scholarships
Thanks to the generosity of donors, we are able to offer named scholarships in addition to College of Music scholarships. Prospective students do not need to apply specifically for one of these scholarships. All applicants are considered for scholarships, and students who fit the criteria for one of these scholarships are assigned to it by the College of Music. The following are the named scholarships that were awarded for the 2013-2014 academic year:

Bill Collins Sr. Scholarship in Jazz Trumpet
Bill Stapleton Jazz Arranging Scholarship
Bob and Helen Morgan Jazz Scholarship
Bob Rober Jazz Studies Scholarship
Cecelia Cunningham Box Scholarship
College of Music Scholarship
Dan Stambaugh Memorial Scholarship
David Catney Memorial Jazz Scholarship
Dean's Camerata - California Community Foundation Jazz
Dean's Camerata - David and Judy Shrader
Dean's Camerata - Gary Michaels Memorial Jazz Arranging Scholarship (will be awarded starting 2014-2015)
Dean's Camerata - Helen Schenk
Dean's Camerata - James C. and Margaret B. Bays
Dean's Camerata - Jay Saunders
Dean's Camerata - Jim West Jazz Bass
Dean's Camerata - John and Genene Murphy
Dean's Camerata - John Murphy's Extra Mile
Dean's Camerata - Pender's Music Company
Dean's Camerata - Rose-Mary Rumbley
Don Grolnick Memorial Jazz Scholarship
Don Thomas Lead Trumpet Scholarship
Dora Lee Langdon Jazz Singers Scholarship
Edward J. Soph Memorial Drumset Scholarship
Floyd Graham Memorial Scholarship
Fred Crane Memorial Jazz Piano Scholarship
James Weldon Thomas Jazz Studies Scholarship
Jamey Aebersold Jazz Studies Scholarship
Jazz Leadership Scholarship in Honor of Neil Slater and Jim Riggs
Jazz Leadership Scholarship in Honor of Paris Rutherford
Jazz Studies General Scholarship
Jerome Patterson Memorial Scholarship
John A. & Anne Filipowicz Narsutis Jazz Lab Band Scholarship
John and Bonnie Strauss Jazz Scholarship
John Holt Memorial Scholarship
John M. Haerle Memorial Scholarship
John Park Memorial Jazz Saxophone Scholarship
Justice Records Stan Kenton Scholarship
Kris Kolflat Memorial Jazz Guitar Scholarship
Leon Breeden Music Scholarship
Leon Breeden Scholarship in Jazz Trumpet
M. E. "Gene" Hall Jazz Scholarship
N. Patricia Yarborough Music Scholarship
Neil Slater Award for Excellence in Jazz Studies and Academics Scholarship
Paul Guerrero Jr. Memorial Jazz Studies Scholarship
Phil Manning Memorial Jazz Saxophone Scholarship
Pinky Purinton Big Band Memorial Scholarship
Randy Taylor Jazz Arranging Scholarship
Red Rodney Memorial Jazz Scholarship
Richard Dalrymple Memorial Jazz Trumpet Scholarship
Sandy Sandifer Lab Band Scholarship
Shelly Manne Memorial Scholarship
Spec's One O'Clock Lab Band Fund Scholarship
Town of Addison Jazz Scholarship
UNT Summer Drumset Workshop Jazz Scholarship
Warren "Baby" Dodds UNT Summer Drumset Workshop Scholarship
William C. and Loretta Kason Memorial Drumset Scholarship