Vocal Jazz Ensemble Audition Information & Sign-Up

Avenue C performing at Denton Arts & Jazz Festival 2019


Thank very much to all who auditioned!  Based on what we heard during the audition process, we are all very excited about the music that will be made by each of these ensembles!

You will notice that this semester, two of the names of the ensembles have changed.  For this semester, we have determined that reconfiguring the groups is the best way to meet a plethora of different needs, so since they don’t fit the previous “levels” of groups, we’ve given them placeholder names which those groups and their directors will replace with names they will brainstorm and vote upon.  We believe that this will provide for the best ensemble experience for this semester, without setting any precedent about what may happen in future semesters or years. 

First rehearsal meetings will take place as follows, all in Room 263:

Jazz Singers:  Tuesday, January 18 at 12:30 p.m.

Mixed Vocal Jazz:  Tuesday, January 18 at 5:00 p.m.

Avenue C:  Wednesday, January 19 at 12 noon

Vocal Jazz Quartet:  Wednesday, January 19 at 5:00 p.m.

NOTE: If you were NOT registered for the ensemble holding section (MULB 1820, Section 500), please take care of doing so IMMEDIATELY!  Jazz Administrator Madison Russell will be doing ensemble placement swaps starting today and over the next few days.  Thank you, and again, congrats to all new and returning members of all vocal jazz ensembles (listed alphabetically, not by voice part):

UNT JAZZ SINGERS (Directed by Jennifer Barnes):

Dakota Andersen

Lindsay Day

Jasper Fearon

Tori Gilchrist

Kira Goidel

Daniëlla Hart

Savannah Koenig

Michael Martin

Katelyn Robinson

Tyler Thomas

AVENUE C (Directed by Tyler Thomas):

Marianna Baird

Ben Barker

Saayli Khambekar

Derrick Kim

Ipshita Roy

Lauren Smith

Keleman Szabo

Nan Wang

VOCAL JAZZ QUARTET (Directed by Whitney James, Assistant Directed by Dakota Andersen):

Olivia Briley

Abby Litjens

Bianca Lopez

Christiana Schiller

MIXED VOCAL JAZZ  (Directed by Daniëlla Hart):

Joe Boatwright

Emma Campbell

Emma Cook

Teddy Cook

Ashlyn Dodson

Jaden Jackson-Cooper

Albright Nzeh-Biko

Donye Robinson

Dani Rye

Shrinidhi Thiruvengadam