Vocal Jazz Ensemble/JCM Audition Information

Avenue C performing at Denton Arts & Jazz Festival 2019


A sincere thank you to all who auditioned.  Based on what we heard during the audition process, we are all very excited about the music that will be made by each of these ensembles!  We are sorry to say that due to size restrictions and other factors involved, we were unable to find a place for all the singers who auditioned, but if you were not placed, we strongly encourage you to consider enrolling in MUJS 4890 (Topics in Jazz Studies – Jazz Voice, meeting M/W 3 p.m.) and continue your jazz singing journey through that class instead, then re-audition for us in the future!  Auditions will be held again for next semester’s ensembles either during finals week (in December) or on the first day of classes (in January), so check back here in November for more detailed info and to sign up.

NOTE: If you were NOT registered for the ensemble holding section (MULB 1820, Section 500), please take care of doing so IMMEDIATELY!  The Jazz Division Administrative Assistant will be moving students from the holding section to their actual ensembles starting immediately, so the sooner, the better, and you’ll avoid getting harassed!   

Please plan to attend the first scheduled rehearsals on Monday, August 29 (Jazz Singers in Room 292 at 1 p.m.; Third Street in Room 263 at 5 p.m.;  West End in Room 263 at 12 noon), or Tuesday, August 30 (Avenue C in Room 263 at 5 p.m.). If you did NOT yet add the mandatory attendance/participation dates to your calendar from the audition info page, please scroll to the bottom and do that now – the list is there!

Congratulations to all new and returning members of (listed alphabetically):

UNT JAZZ SINGERS (Jennifer Barnes, Director):

Dakota Andersen

Christian Anderson

Julie Coggiola

Jasper Fearon

Hannah Goodwin

Bianca Lopez

Katelyn Robinson

Christiana Schiller

Kelemen Szabo

Dani Toralla


AVENUE C (Dakota Andersen, Director):

Luke Bielfeldt

Emma Campbell

Ely Eckles

Sasha Garcia

Renee McGee

Lauren Smith


THIRD STREET (Daniëlla Hart Rossouw, Director):

Georgia Barge

Alana Dove

Margaret Anne Gunter

Ben Johnson

Reese Namee

Donye Robinson

Lia Wiese

Shelby Yount


WEST END (Julie Coggiola, Director):

Jaden Jackson-Cooper

Jules Elliott

Katelan Hudson

Alexander Karpeles

Cristian Mojica

Holly Sullivan

Abby Woodhead


MANDATORY EVENTS/CONCERT DATES (more may be added, but if you are interested in being placed in an ensemble, these should be placed on your calendar NOW):

  1. Fall Retreats:
    1. Jazz Singers and Third Street will retreat on Saturday, September 10between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.
    2. Avenue C and West End will retreat on Sunday, September 11between 2 p.m. and 8 p.m.  
  2. Denton Arts & Jazz Festival:  Jazz Singers, Avenue C & Third Street will perform on Sunday, October 91 - 4 p.m.
  3. The Syndicate Friday “Nooners” (11 a.m. call, 12 – 1 p.m. performance):  
    1. Jazz Singers:  October 14
    2. Avenue C:  October 21
    3. Third Street:  October 28
    4. West End:  November 4
  4. The Syndicate evening performances (7 p.m. call, 9 p.m. performance):  
    1. Jazz Singers & Third Street perform on Tuesday, October 18 
    2. Avenue C & West End perform on Tuesday, November 15
  5. UNT Jazz 75th Anniversary Concert (including "I Carry Your Heart" CD Release):  Jazz Singers only on Friday, Oct. 21 – afternoon through evening
  6. UNT Jazz Singers visit to Booker T Washington High School:  October 25 (9 a.m. – 2 p.m.)
  7. Vocal Jazz Ensemble Fall Extravaganza:  Friday, November 11 is the major fall concert event for all four ensembles in Voertman Hall.  Everyone should plan to block the ENTIRE DAY/EVENING until a more detailed schedule is available.
  8. Jazz Education Network Conference:  Jazz Singers will be performing at the annual conference in Orlando, FL in January 2023, with the fall ensemble members. The trip will involve rehearsals on Tuesday, January 3, travel on Wednesday, January 4 and returning from Orlando on Sunday, January 8.