Admissions Auditions

Select an instrumental studio category from the list above. The admissions requirements linked below are for admission to the Jazz Studies major.

Please note a screening (preliminary audition video) is required for all graduate applicants. The screening will be submitted directly through the College of Music Acceptd application. If screening repertoire is not specified for an area below, the screening requirements are the same as for the live audition.

Application deadline.

For information on admission at the doctoral level, please see the page on the local concentration in Jazz Studies within the DMA in Performance.

Admission to the Graduate Artist Certificate in Music Performance program is an option for jazz performers with exceptional qualifications. For more information, see

UNT Jazz Studies: Audition Guidelines for Trumpet (Undergraduate)

Prospective Jazz Studies majors whose principal instrument is trumpet will play one audition, with the Jazz Studies trumpet faculty. Because two years of classical trumpet applied lessons are part of the degree requirements, applicants will demonstrate their classical playing as part of the audition. The expectations for the classical portion of the audition are:
1. Sight reading.
2. Major scales (including chromatic).
3. Choose one solo from this list. No memorization requirement. Arutunian - Concerto; Hummel - Concerto (1st Movement); Haydn - Concerto (1st movement); Goedicke - Concert Etude; Ropartz - Andante et Allegro; Kennan - Sonata (1st Movement); Halsey Stevens - Sonata (1st Movement); Ewazen - Sonata (1st Movement); Brandt - Concertpiece (either one).

These are the requirements for the jazz portion of the audition:

Part 1 - Prepared Jazz Etude: All applicants will demonstrate instrumental expertise and knowledge of jazz style by performing one prepared etude to be selected from the following:

Rose (Page 16-18, Jazz Conception by Jim Snidero, Advance Music) Half = 83
IND Line (Pages 24-25, Jazz Conception by Jim Snidero, Advance Music) Half =90
Autumn (Pages 30-31, Jazz Conception by Jim Snidero, Advance Music) Quarter = 110

Lead trumpeters will perform an additional lead trumpet part from the following:

Switch in Time (Nestico) - Letter "B to C", and Letter "G" through the end. Quarter=168
Magic Flea (Nestico) - Letter "I" to through the end. Half=144
Fun Time (Nestico) - Letter "B to E", and letter "F" through the end. Quarter=126
Note: These lead trumpet parts can be found in the Basie-Nestico Lead Trumpet Book, Kendor Music, Inc.

Part 2 - Improvisation: Applicants will demonstrate improvisation skill by performing one chorus of melody and two improvised choruses on three tunes selected from the following list (There Will Never Be Another You is required). All performances will be with the play-along tracks as specified.

Title Suggested Play-Along Track Required: There Will Never Be Another You (Another Yew) Aebersold Volume 15, Track 2 Two other tunes from the following:

Autumn Leaves Aebersold Volume 54, Track 14
Bb Blues or F Blues Aebersold Volume 54, Tracks 3 or 10
Summertime Aebersold Volume 54, Track 5
Satin Doll Aebersold Volume 54, Track 8
I Got Rhythm Aebersold Volume 51, Track 4
Note: Play along tracks will be provided for the above tunes. Students may improvise on one additional tune of their choosing. Students are responsible to provide the playalong tracks (CD) for the additional tune.

Part 3 - Sightreading: Applicants will demonstrate sight reading skill by performing one written jazz etude(s) at sight. Lead trumpeters will perform a lead trumpet part.

Additional material: Students who audition live may submit additional recordings that demonstrate expertise in jazz performance by uploading the videos in the College of Music online application. These recordings may be of live or studio performances.

Guidelines for Recorded Auditions: Follow the directions on the College of Music application to submit a high quality recorded video audition. The recorded audition must include the first two parts of the live audition. Sightreading is not required for recorded auditions. Read carefully the description of the live audition requirements.

Preparing the video of Parts 1 and 2 (prepared jazz etude and improvisation). Do not edit the individual performances but feel free to use "takes" that demonstrate your best work. Make sure that the camera is 10 to 12 feet from you and that the balance between your instrument and the play-along track is appropriate. When recording the prepared jazz etude use a metronome set at the tempo indicated. Make sure the metronome is audible on the recording.

Additional material: Students who audition by recording may submit additional recordings that demonstrate expertise in jazz performance by uploading the videos in the College of Music online application. These recordings may be of live or studio performances.