Admissions Auditions

The admissions requirements linked below are for admission to the Jazz Studies major.

The new College of Music application enables applicants to upload videos as part of the application. If your instrument requires a pre-screening video (not all instruments do) or you are auditioning by video, you will be able to use this feature.

Application deadline.

The pages linked below refer to our bachelor's and master's programs.

For information on admission at the doctoral level, please see the page on the local concentration in Jazz Studies within the DMA in Performance.

Admission to the Graduate Artist Certificate in Music Performance program is an option for jazz performers with exceptional qualifications. For more information, see

Undergraduate students

Students performing live jazz saxophone auditions at The North Texas College of Music are expected to furnish their own play-along CD’s or smart phones, sheet music and Omnibooks.

The improvisational part of the audition should include a performance of three jazz standards of various tempos and styles. One requirement of these three jazz standards will be “There Will Never Be Another You” (Warren/Gordon). The remaining two are your choice.

Students are also required to read one unaccompanied transcription from the Charlie Parker Omnibook. This should include both the melody and solo. Eb saxophonists should use the Eb Omnibook and Bb saxophonists should use the Bb Omnibook. Bb saxophonists should change octaves for all notes that are out of your natural range.

Please note: All undergraduates must also play a classical audition. The repertoire requirements for the classical audition are published here on the College of Music web site. For questions about classical audition repertoire, please contact Dr. Eric Nestler.

Graduate students
Graduate students are required to perform an improvised solo on Charlie Parker's "Confirmation," and two additional selections you choose to be presented with prerecorded tracks. Styles should be selected from the following; ballad, blues, medium tempo standard, up-tempo standard, bebop, fusion or funk. Students are required to select and perform one selection from the Charlie Parker Omnibook.

Additional notes
Saxophonists who cannot perform a scholarship/entrance audition at the University of North Texas College of Music must follow the directions on the College of Music application to submit a high quality recorded video audition. Live performances and video performances are judged on an equal basis. Scholarship/entrance audition deadlines are published on the College of Music website. Undergraduate jazz saxophone majors are required to study classical and jazz saxophone in private lessons and must have appropriate equipment (mouthpiece and reed setups for each).