GRE requirement for Jazz Studies Master's and DMA applicants

For applicants to the Master of Music in Jazz Studies program and the DMA in Performance with local concentration in Jazz Studies:

The GRE requirement can be met in one of two ways:

1. Submit an acceptable score from the GRE (Analytical Writing Section only). If you choose the GRE Analytical Writing Section option, the score must be submitted prior to the start of the first semester of enrollment. We contacted the ETS, the organization that administers the GRE, in September 2013 to ask whether a student can sign up for only the analytical writing portion. We received the following response:

The GRE® revised General Test consists of three test sections — Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Analytical Writing. The individual sections of the test are not offered as stand-alone exams. Examinees who register to take the GRE revised General Test will be presented with all three sections at the test center.

The GRE Program strongly recommends that examinees complete all three sections of the test. Examinees may if they wish, choose to skip a section or sections of the test. Any section in which the test taker answers no questions at all is reported as a No Score (NS).

2. Pass the Jazz Studies In-house Writing Exam administered by Jazz Studies during the required orientation for admitted graduate students, which is held at UNT during before the start of the fall semester. If the applicant chooses the in-house exam option, and does not pass it during the required new graduate student orientation, then a maximum of two re-takes are possible. The exam must be passed before the end of the fall semester. If the exam is not passed, the student is not permitted to register for spring semester graduate classes, and progress towards the degree will end.

Completing the application: If any of the application pages require you to enter a GRE date, and you have decided to use the in-house exam option, choose a GRE date and enter it anyway in order to be able to proceed with the application.