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Guitar Ensembles

The guitar ensembles are some of the many diverse performing groups at UNT. Fred Hamilton, Professor in Jazz Studies, coordinates them. In these ensembles, guitarists have the unique opportunity to rehearse and perform in a section of five or more guitars. This helps the student focus on reading skills, ensemble blend, group articulations, utilization of electric effects, comping and soloing. The premier group, the L-5, specializes in jazz, blues, rock, and electric avant-garde. The ensemble recorded a CD in 2002, which was released in 2003, titled the Quilt Master, available through UNT.

The Quiltmaster
The new CD by the UNT L5 Guitar Ensemble, The Quiltmaster, is now available. The cost is $15. To order see the recordings page.
Excerpts in mp3 format:
"Movement" by Gary Melvin
"East St. Louis Whipping Post" by Kevin Brunkhorst
"La Smiley Girl" by Kevin Patton
"Waltz For Bill" by Fred Hamilton
Photos from the studio (add link when photo directory is done).