Other Guest Artists

These are jut a few of the many guest artists who have visited our program. We maintain a guest book for artists to sign, and in the coming months this list will be updated to show more guests.

Lou Marini, saxophone, 4/14/83
Shorty Rogers, trumpet, 4/25/83
Bud Shank, saxophone, 4/25/83
Dick Lowenthal, trumpet, 6/27/83
Don Menza, saxophone, 11/17/83
Jack DeJohnette, drums, 8/10/84
Carl Fontana, trombone, 3/8/85
Marc Johnson, bass, 6/12/85
Mark Gridley, historian, 6/18/85
Tom Ferguson, piano, 8/12/85
Benny Carter, saxophone, 1/23/86
Mike Stern, guitar, 4/20/89
Charlie Haden, bass, 4/22/89
Lew Anderson, saxophone, 11/6/89
Harry Connick, Jr., voice/piano, 10/2/90
Steve Houghton, drums, 9/19/92
Louie Bellson, drums, 9/19/92
Wynton Marsalis, trumpet, 3/5/93
Jiggs Whigham, trombone, 3/3/96
Tom Malone, trombone, 4/12/96