2.12.5 Senior Recital (Arranging Specialization)

Please be aware that new requirements exist for the recital for those students who are taking it as a Capstone course. Please consult your academic advisor.

1. A senior recital is required of all Jazz Studies degree candidates. Two or more candidates must share a recital.
2. The candidate must have completed all degree requirements in Music Theory, Counterpoint and Composition. The candidate must also be enrolled in MUJS 4620 (4th semester Arranging) or have passed this course with a grade of B or better.
3. The Senior Arranging Recital consists of public performance of three charts, under circumstances detailed in the document “Senior Arranging Recital”, available in the Office of Jazz Studies.
4. Senior arranging recitals may be given only during long semesters, and must take place at the University of North Texas. The recital must be scheduled before the end of the third week of the semester in which it is to occur.
5. A complete checklist of procedures, requirements and deadlines is contained in the Undergraduate Recital Guidlines in the online jazz studies student handbook.