U-Tubes win 2021 ITA Competition

Image: ITA announcement on Facebook.

The U-Tubes Jazz Trombone Ensemble has won the 2021 Kai Winding Jazz Trombone Ensemble Competition from the International Trombone Association (ITA). The ensemble, under the direction of graduate teaching assistant Jack Courtright and sponsored by Prof. Nick Finzer, is comprised of an octet of tenor and bass trombonists with a rhythm section.

The U-Tubes Jazz Trombone Ensemble performing in Lab West

Image: The U-Tubes performing a concert in Lab West on March 2, 2021.

Other UNT wins from this year's competition are:

  • University of North Texas Trombone Consortium, Steve Menard and Natalie Mannix, directors
    Emory Remington Trombone Choir Competition

  • Jack Courtright, finalist; Jackson Churchill, first alternate
    JJ Johnson Jazz Trombone Competition (ages 25 and under)

  • Theodore Van Winkle, honorable mention
    Robert Marsteller Tenor Trombone Competition (ages 22 and under)

  • Jackson Churchill, second alternate
    Carl Fontana Jazz Trombone Competition (ages 22 and under)