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3.14 Graduate Improvisation Entrance Exam and Jury Requirement for Graduate Improvisation

To be accepted as a Graduate Jazz Major, students must pass the Graduate Improvisation Entrance Exam (GEEE). New master's students who did not earn the B.M. in Jazz Studies at UNT must attempt this exam at the end of their first semester at UNT, and must re-take it until they pass it. The exam will take place each semester during finals week and be adjudicated by no fewer than five members of the jazz faculty. Each candidate must demonstrate competency in the art of jazz improvisation on repertoire drawn from the UNT course of study in jazz improvisation (Lower Level - MUJS 2360 and 2370). Repertoire lists may be found in section 12.01 of this handbook.

Before registering for MUJS 5490 Advanced Improvisation (graduate improvisation), graduate students must pass the FIPE improvisation jury, which is only offered during finals week in fall and spring semesters.