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1.15 UNT-jazznews email list and EagleConnect Email

UNT-Jazznews is a listserv mailing list. The Chair uses it to send news about Jazz Studies events. Subscribe by sending the message “subscribe UNT-JAZZNEWS YourFirstName YourLastName” to listserv@unt.edu.

Students are expected to activate and check regularly their EagleConnect email address. Important messages from UNT and from your professors will reach you this way. You are responsible for being aware of information sent to you at your UNT email address.

1.12 Lab Band Practice Music

Updated Aug. 21, 2014
We used to provide a packet of sightreading examples for lab band auditions, but no longer do so. This practice originated before there was a world wide web.

There is a lot of sightreading material available online in the form of solo transcriptions. The music library is a source for solo transcriptions and etudes. We know that lab band parts may not exactly resemble solo transcriptions or etudes, but both can enable you to practice your sightreading skills.

1.10 Loading Ramp

Located behind Kenton and East Halls, the loading ramp is intended exclusively for loading and unloading heavy equipment.
Rules for use:
1. Thirty minutes are allowed for normal unloading/loading of equipment.
2. Use of the loading ramp is limited to four cars at any one time:
3. Park in spaces outlined along the right side ONLY.
4. Do not park above the yellow line, or block the sidewalk at the bottom!

Non-observance of these rules causes unnecessary inconvenience for others, and may lead to a parking ticket and/or loss of ramp privileges.


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