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Addition By Subtraction

Looking for a fun, challenging, humorus funk tune? Addition by Subtraction by Drew Zaremba involves two distinct grooves. 1, a 3/2 Motown-influenced groove, and 2, the chart’s namesake: a groove consisting of 8/4+7/4+6/4+5/4 (written as three bars of 4, one bar of 3, one bar of 4, one bar of 2, one bar of 5). While seemingly arbitrarily complex, with a little rehearsal, this chart really grooves and is a joy to players and audiences alike. Lots of blowing space for anyone in the band, and we...

Air on a G String

Composed by JS Bach

Arranged by Drew Zaremba

This reimagination on one of Bach’s beloved classics answers the rarely considered conjecture: What if Bach grew up in Rio De Janeiro? This sensitive arrangement combines classic Brazilian rhythms with this beautiful melody in a wonderful way that the audience will love.

All Blues

This arrangement of the iconic 1959 tune “All Blues” was written for the 2019 Greeley Jazz Festival, for the UNC Lab I to perform as a tribute to the year 1959. The arrangement features a Gil Evans-esque treatement of the melody, and introduces each soloist with a 2 chorus harmonization of the transcribed original solos, including Miles, Cannonball, and Coltrane. This tune works well for students wanting to get into the original but performing it in a big band context.

All The Things You Are

I originally entitled All the Things You Are “All the Things”, a reference to the fact that he tried to use ALL the things in his cookbook on this piece. Currently a part of Randy Brecker’s touring big band book, this chart primarily features the trumpet, with blowing space for the tenor as well. With lots of metric modulations, cunning key changes, and a crazy reharmonization, this chart is not for the faint of heart! Originally performed by the UNT One O’Clock Lab Band.


I arranged this beautiful piece by Eddie Gomez for the University of Texas at Arlington big band for their recording with the Eddie Gomez trio. Naturally, this beautiful piece features the bass and piano, a with a lush treatment of the melody and a haunting contrapuntal section. I hope you enjoy Eddie’s beautiful tune.

Angels We Have Heard On High

Feel: Burner Swing

Tempo: Half Note = 126+

Solos: Alto and Trumpet

Additional Notes: Highest Trumpet note is written F


Instrumental version, plus Standard Kenton Big Band + Jazz Vocal Choir

5 Trumpets
5 Trombones
5 Saxophones (Alto, Alto, Tenor, Tenor, Bari)
4 Rhythm (Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums)
8 Voices (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass)

Reed 1: Alto
Reed 2: Alto
Reed 3: Tenor...