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Alone Together

An original reharmonization & meter changes that highlight the natural phrasing of the melody. Contains two of my favorite features - a sax soli, and pitting the ensemble against the drummer! Recorded on "At First Light."

Cancion del Diablo Azul

(Level III) Commissioned by the Brockport, NY High School Commission Project 2009-2010, Cancion del Diablo Azul is a high energy latin infused piece sure to be a favorite of both the band and audience alike! Featuring open solo space over simple chord changes in each horn section and written out rhythm section parts, the breakdown section builds in layers to a powerful send-off for and open drumset/percussion solo! 8 Brass


An arrangement of the Herbie Hancock tune, commissioned by maestro Charlton Singleton & the Charleston Jazz Orchestra.

Features tenor and trumpet soloists, as well as the sax section on a soli (trumpet doubles lead) based on Dexter Gordon's solo.

Feuerwerks Musik

An up-tempo swinger with solos for trumpet and tenor that ends with an all-out halftime ensemble shout chorus. The inspiration for this arrangement was to imagine the Buddy Rich Band playing the theme to a cop show. Makes a great opener or closer.

The Dark Moon

The Dark Moon waxes and wanes very similarly to an actual lunar cycle, with cyclic figures washing in and out over melodic material throughout the piece. Extended solo space for soprano sax and guitar serves the composition as much as it features the soloists. Layers of simple melodic lines over modern harmony and sounds make this a piece any ensemble can enjoy. Great feature for a sax section that can double (alternate non-doubling parts also included). Recorded by the West Point Band's...