UNT Jazz and Gender Equity Initiative

Mission Statement: 

The mission of UNT Jazz and Gender Equity Initiative is to establish equality by empowering women and marginalized genders within the jazz community. Our organization will provide a space for open dialogue concerning gender issues as a jazz musician. Through discussions, masterclasses, guest artists, jam sessions, and more, the members of UNTJGEI will have the ability to effectively navigate the collegiate and professional jazz world while honoring the history of marginalized genders in jazz at North Texas. UNTJGEI will act as an agent for positive change in the community within the Division of Jazz Studies.



The vision for UNTJGEI is to raise awareness of the lack of representation of disenfranchised groups. We will do this by:

  • Organizing events that bring women and non-binary artists to UNT.
  • Holding meetings that include discussions, listening sessions, guest artist presentations, and jam sessions.
  • Fundraising efforts directed at giving back to underrepresented genders and communities.
  • Instilling mentorship and community building within the UNT College of Music.
  • Highlighting past and present-day women and non-binary artists.